Malus Containment - 1/5/2016 - New player model

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Malus Containment - 1/5/2016 - New player model

Post by Landy on Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:25 pm

Hey everyone - happy somewhat late new year! It's 2016, and progress has been rather stagnant on the game itself, sadly.

Thankfully I do have one thing to reveal right now: a new player model.

Looks a little rough around the edges because of the lack of anti-alasing, but that will be remedied in time.

This design has more realistic-ish(?) proportions compared to our previous model:

You also might notice that the design overall is a little different. There are pouches on the hoodie, and the gloves now use the same color as the boots.
The belt buckle and bandana also now use a unified orange color. Canonically, the mercenaries are allowed to pick that color on their uniforms - it's for easier identification gameplay-wise. Clyde's favorite color is orange, so I used that.

I also added shading, rather than going with the old model's flat-color style.
There's also a little trick I did to make the outlines stay consistently black, even under extreme lighting conditions:

Next time, I'll see about playing around with normal-mapping to get a more dynamic shading effect. I tried it on the old model, with...decent results, I suppose:

See you guys next time!


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