Witness Protection - 4/21/2016 - Guns, guns, guns

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Witness Protection - 4/21/2016 - Guns, guns, guns

Post by Landy on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:56 am

4/21/2016 - GUNS, GUNS, GUNS

Recently I finished all the weapon models we need so far.

Here are some pictures of our newest weapons:


For first-person models, we won't be using full-body awareness like in previous versions. Third-person and first-person animations will be different from each other.

As such, we are required to make a set of arms specifically for first-person models:

In addition to just being arms, these arms have a couple of joints in the hands that we can utilize.

These will be used to stretch/squash the hands so that they feel a little more "natural" when holding guns. We have a "thumb" as well as a top layer of "fingers" to manipulate, to allow for a good amount of flexibility.


Lastly, take a look at a 3D preview of our assault rifle in the Sketchfab renderer!

This is very similar to how it will look in-game, as Sketchfab uses a physically-based rendering pipeline, just like how Unity 5 handles rendering.

We hope you like what you see so far. Stay tuned for more!


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