Riveter Industries is back - Forum changes 8/16/2016

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Riveter Industries is back - Forum changes 8/16/2016

Post by Landy on Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:55 am

Hey, everyone! Don't be alarmed by the sudden change - Stryke's Codestuffs has been reverted back to Riveter Industries!

As a result, I've gone and changed up the theme and aesthetic of the forum. Here I'll be documenting the changes.


Immediately, you'll notice the darker color palette.
I've gone with a modified version of Design 02/11/2010 by Josh01.
The theme has dark, low contrast colors, while letting the most important bits really stand out.

The options for new posts, quotes, and reports are settled in stylish white buttons, like so:

The background palette consists of super-dark greys.
Buttons and icons are made up of white, as well as some consistent, indicative colors: a blue color and a red color.

I chose this palette because in most cases, it is easier on the eyes than the brighter palettes we had before.
Though we did need the important parts to stick out, such as text and buttons, so those are brighter.

Thanks a ton, Josh01, for your Design theme.
It seems that even Forumotion (the host of our forum) loved your theme.


The indicative colors mentioned beforehand have been chosen wisely.

Blue is used as an indicator for creation.
Unread new topics, as well as the buttons to create them, will have blue indicators.

Red is used as an indicator for destruction, reporting, and locking.
A locked topic will display a dark button with red text should you attempt to post in it:

And as seen above, the button to report a post is a threatening red as well.


Remember this annoying popup you'd get when you weren't logged in?

You've more than likely already used a forum before, so this popup was basically useless.
We know you guys aren't dumb, so we removed the popup entirely! Instead, we've added a login/register form to the top of the page:

This should provide easy access to registering and logging in, while not being intrusive.


Before I dive into the icons, I'd like to say that they were not entirely made by us.
They were made by Gentleface and were slightly modified by me to work with the palette.
These icons are provided for free, non-commercial uses. I'm pretty sure we're not using them for commercial uses, but if any issues arise, please contact us, Gentleface.

Without further ado, I have replaced the forum/category/post icons with fresh and simple ones supplied by Gentleface.

These follow the same color palette rules I've set in place.
For example - a new, unread announcement looks like this:

A locked category looks like this:

A "hot" new, unread post looks like this:

I would assume "hot" means popular, or highly viewed. This icon will probably be rare, then...

Again - big thanks to Gentleface for the icons.
They're amazingly well done, and really fit the design I'm going for.


So with all of that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the new theme we have.
Every element of its aesthetic has been carefully chosen with the end user in mind.
I didn't want to sacrifice usability for beauty, and I really hope you guys agree that I struck a balance with this.

- Landy

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