Witness Protection - 8/9/2016 - Armed and Ready

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Witness Protection - 8/9/2016 - Armed and Ready

Post by Landy on Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:49 am

8/9/2016 - ARMED AND READY

Hi, everyone! Sorry if we've been a little bit on the silent side. It was only recently that we started having more things to talk about.

So today, I'm going to reveal all of the guns we've finished, as well as their in-game status as of writing.
Please keep in mind that this is all, again, as of writing. If you want to see a better idea of the progress in real-time, the Trello should keep you satisfied!



Also known as: Assault Rifle
In-game description: A quick, accurate automatic rifle used to neutralize foes with ease.
Not preferred for sniping, but other long to medium-range engagements are a breeze.
In-depth description: The C3A1 is a rapid-fire assault rifle that is very accurate. It hold 32 rounds, and does a good job in most long to medium-range enagements.
Reloading with this weapon is also somewhat quick. This means when you're taking cover in a tight situation, you can efficiently get back in the action!
Spraying the weapon is a bad idea - it is suggested to fire in short, controlled bursts to guarantee success.
Implemented in-game: Yes!


Also known as: Battle Rifle, Impaler
In-game description: A chunky rifle, compensating for low speed and accuracy with it's inflictive damage.
Very lethal at medium range.
In-depth description: The VL-47 is similar to the C3A1, but is less accurate, and fires/reloads a bit slower. To make up for this, it deals greater damage in comparison, and has a 35-round magazine.
While best used in medium-range combat, it can also work in longer ranges if you place your shots well.
Firing in short bursts may throw you off more than the C3A1. Thus, firing maybe one or two shots at a time can keep you accurate enough.
Implemented in-game: Partially.

Grande S12

Also known as: Shotgun, Boomstick
In-game description: A thick, busty boomstick.
Blows a hole in whatever's in front of you, but is slow, so don't miss.
In-depth description: The Grande S12 is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun holding 6 shells. It has a large kickback, making it slow to fire. If you miss a shot, you are very vulnerable.
Reloading is odd in that you must hold the reload key to continuously insert shells into the weapon. This does, however, let you choose how many you want to have loaded - up to 6, obviously.
The spread is not as wide as you would expect. You could probably use the weapon at medium-range rather effectively (if you waste enough ammo, maybe even long-range.)
Implemented in-game: Yes!

Welling 850

Also known as: Sport Sniper
In-game description: The usual hunting rifle. Decently silent, but has a laser sight that nobody seems to have disabled yet.
Useful for putting down some saps outback, though.
In-depth description: The Welling 850 is a bolt-action hunting rifle. The bullets are light and therefore the weapon has low damage, recoil, and an efficient speed.
While the weapon's firing sound is somewhat quiet, the biggest giveaway of your potential position is the laser sight that appears when scoped in.
Be mindful of this laser when taking aim. It could get you killed if you aren't careful.
Implemented in-game: Not yet.


Also known as: Heavy Sniper, .50 Cal
In-game description: A powerful, military-grade rifle. Very loud and revealing, and is slow to fire.
But if you need to take out a target, this can do it quickly.
In-depth description: The K36 is a high-power bolt-action sniper rifle. Its heavy cartridges give it high damage and recoil.
It makes a really loud noise when it fires, so your position may be compromised if you aren't careful.
Implemented in-game: Not yet.



Also known as: Pistol
In-game description: Your basic pistol. Decently quick, decently accurate, and packs a punch.
It may seem like a weak pea-shooter, but the Glinn is not to be underestimated.
In-depth description: The Glinn-18 is a semi-automatic pistol with 12 rounds. It has a high rate of fire, and a good accuracy. It also has very low recoil.
This is a very solid sidearm, and can save your life in a bad situation.
Implemented in-game: Yes!

Briktov Viper

Also known as: Revolver
In-game description: Loud and proud, this revolver brings a whopping kick capable of stopping a target in their tracks.
If making noise isn't your thing, you can screw on a silencer to reduce damage and sound, keeping yourself more hidden.
In-depth description: The Briktov Viper is a 6-shot revolver with high accuracy, high damage, and a slow firerate. The power of a high-power rifle in a pistol.
To reduce your sound footprint, you can attach a silencer. This also reduces the amount of damage you do, as well as suppressing your muzzleflash.
Implemented in-game: Not yet.

FJ Warhawk

Also known as: Handcannon
In-game description: A great big handful. This pistol will bring true fear into anyone in your way.
It's slow, but has massive damage and a surprisingly fast reload. Just don't get caught while vulnerable.
In-depth description: The FJ Warhawk is a large pistol with 7 rounds. Like the Viper, it's slow, but powerful and accurate. However, unlike that weapon, the Streethawk cannot be suppressed.
Implemented in-game: Not yet.


That about wraps things up for the guns. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days!

Thanks for sticking with us, and we'll see you soon.

- Landy

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