Witness Protection - 6/26/2016 - Just Outta Skin Hell!

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Witness Protection - 6/26/2016 - Just Outta Skin Hell!

Post by Landy on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:51 pm


Hey guys! Today we're excited to announce that Witness Protection has been sold to Valve, and we are now developing the game alongside them.
The game is going Free to Play*, which is an excellent opportunity for us, since our game was already free to play. But now, it'll be 200% More Free*!


Because of the weapon skin trend currently dominating free to play games all over the world, we've decided to try our hand at it. Allow me to introduce our first few skins:

As you can see, this is very exciting! Now, how exactly are these skins acquired, you ask?


Enter WitBux™.

WitBux™ are an in-game currency used for purchasing skins.

As you can see, WitBux™ are visible on the main menu. You'll also notice a handy little "Shop" tab up top. This is where you can exchange WitBux™ for new skins.

WitBux™ are acquired by playing matches, and also upon reaching a new rank. You can also purchase WitBux™ and weapon skins with real-world money!

Next, I'm going to move on and show you another element: crates.


Our friend** ReviewTechUSA always gives us confidence with his videos. Most specifically, his intro quote:

"This video is sponsored by Lootcrate!"

We've gone above and beyond to fulfill Papa Rich's wishes** and implemented several different crates:

The rest are basically the same but with the skins ordered differently.


Best of all, these features are 300% Free*!

We hope you like these skins and crates. We're absolutely delighted to share them with you.

Thanks for staying with us, guys!

- Landy, "Guy that's Kind of There" at Valve

* = Microtransactions still apply. They're not free.

** = ReviewTechUSA, or Rich, is not actually our friend. Or an acquaintance. He didn't wish anything for us.

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