Witness Protection - 4/28/2016 - Dusty deserts, turning tumbleweeds, and other alliterations I can't really think of

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Witness Protection - 4/28/2016 - Dusty deserts, turning tumbleweeds, and other alliterations I can't really think of

Post by Landy on Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:44 am


Hey, everyone! Today I have some exciting stuff to show you.

Stryke has given me the greenlight to basically show anything I want. I already try to keep stuff a little transparent so you guys have at least an idea of what's going on.
However, I'll use this privilege sparingly, so don't expect full-on transparency - be prepared for surprises!


Ville is a VIP Escort map designed in a small village out in [CLASSIFIED] a desert.
Please keep in mind that this map is not finished as of writing, so things may or may not change.

This map is dusty as hell, with tumbleweeds rolling and heavy wind gusts:

Among the sand we have various monuments and landmarks on the map.

This one is a destroyed coliseum:

The coliseum was meant to be a place for ritual. In more modern times, it was used as a courtroom of sorts.
A terrorist attack left the monument in ruins, and the rubble has been left as a remembrance.
In addition, various folks believe the grounds are blessed. People still stop by to admire it's beauty, regardless of it's tragic state.

We also have an interesting statue:

Slightly newer than the coliseum, nobody ever really knew what the "Pointing Man" represented. The creator was very vague with their artwork.
Some see it as a guide towards the "direction of success," while others value it for purely artistic purposes.
To be honest, I don't blame either group of people - just look at the smooth chiseling! Michelangelo would be fascinated at this piece.

Finally, here's the last landmark I'm going to show - the hangar:

The most recent addition to the village's various sights, this hangar is used as a storage bunker.
Ironically, nobody's had to use it yet. But planning ahead never hurts.
Usually guards are on watch, but I think they're busy protecting something more important...
...oh, it also works as a covered shortcut between the two roads it's connected to. Take that as you will.

Kind of boring fact, but the hangar's sheet metal texture went through a lot of changes before I went with the final art:

I'm oddly proud of it - as well as the crate textures:

...I don't know. I thought it was kinda neat.


Whatever you do - don't fall off.

I look forward to showing you more later - I have some animations to showcase!

Alright...I'm off for now. Peace.


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