Witness Protection - 3/27/2016 - Safe and Sound

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Witness Protection - 3/27/2016 - Safe and Sound

Post by Landy on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:32 am

3/27/2016 - SAFE AND SOUND

With the reboot of Witness Protection, we want to focus on polishing stuff, and making an immersive and fun experience for everyone.
Sleek, snappy animations. Delicate model design. Intuitive user interfaces. And of course, an intense focus on competitive multiplayer.

...notice anything missing in that list? We sure noticed. When it comes to tying together clean graphics, animations, and gameplay, nothing quite compares to having amazing sound.


Sound is something we don't skimp on. Some of you may know about the sound overhaul I released for Garry's Mod. For those who don't, I improved various sound effects heard in Garry's Mod, i.e. gunfire and footsteps.
I'm giving Witness Protection a similar treatment - such as crisp and powerful guns, smooth footsteps, and chilling ambient sounds. But of course, I couldn't do this alone.

I've teamed up with my good friend Chris (known as Spy over here) to deliver an exhilarating audial experience. So far, he's made about half of our weapon sounds - all of which sound wonderful.
He saved me a lot of time - and made his sounds a lot more unique than I could've. So next time you're blasting at some VIP-err, I mean...hitman scum, particularly with a shotgun or sniper rifle, thank Chris for his excellent work! (Or don't...I won't judge. I can thank him for you.)


Obviously, beautiful sound effects go perfectly with a score of exciting musical tracks. That's why I'm creating an extensive soundtrack for the game.
The music style will be familiar to some - I draw ideas from 80's music, as well as industrial styles. I also get a lot of inspiration from my personal musical idol, Mick Gordon.
Want a taste? Have a look here:

These were as fun to make as they are to listen to! I really enjoyed experimenting with these tracks as I think they turned out wonderfully, and I hope you think so too.

A couple of you long-timers miiight remember that short piano melody in Spectre. I figured it'd be a nice little throwback to the old times.

Chris may be helping me with music as well - I'll let you know when we work things out. You can check out his SoundCloud here:

Anyway, we sincerely hope you love what you hear in the game. We want audio to be one of the strongest suits in this game, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.


P.S. You can get the Witness Protection OST for free (or name-your-price) on Bandcamp! I wouldn't suggest paying much for it right now though, because as of writing this, I've only finished two songs. More will be on the way in due time.

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